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About Us

We Always Fight For Your Justice To Win

Trade Protector IP Associates (hereinafter referred as “TPA”), a team of dedicated & proficient IP professionals whose holistic contribution leads to result-oriented solutions within the stated timeframe. TPA is in nascent stage & founded its establishment base on August 15th, 2020, although it is of prime importance to note here that the involved partners of the firm have diverse experiences in the area of IP enforcement and their liaison works. The firm has its offices based in Ahemdabad, Gorakhpur, Lucknow, Mumbai and New Delhi.

The Firm has efficiently handled the various complex issues of IP Challenges and has live up to expectations of its clients’ demands. In Shorter span of time, it had made its solid base in IP industry and regularly deals with protection of IP and contentious matters in different forums including the Courts at all levels, the Patent Offices, the Trademark Offices, the Copyright Office, the Design Office, WIPO and other adjudicatory forums.

Culturally the firm thrives on challenges, creative thinking and constant improvement of its legal knowledge and skills. The spirited character of the firm is the keystone of its growth and expansion into new areas of IP which have been embraced with ease and zest.

Our Attorneys

11-12 Years of Experience In Various Cases

Founder and Managing Partner of the Firm

Founder and Managing Partner of the firm has diverse experiences of 11-12 years of efficiently handling the matters of IP Enforcement. In addition to this, he also deals in the area of Criminal, Commercial, DGFT and RERA Enforcement & Compliance Matters. It is pertinent to note here that Mr. Dubey had 2 years of experiences for rendering his service as an “Examiner of Copyright” and had more than 1 year of experiences as “Examiner of Trade Marks & GI”. The said division comes under the Department of Industrial Promotions and Policy, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.

5 years as “legal associate” in various Law Firms

Co-Founder and Initial Partner of the Firm

Adv. Rajan dwivedi (Co-Founder and Initial Partner ) is Gem to our Law Firm and he also comes with an experience in the area of Corporate Sector, Arbitration, Service Laws, Education laws and matters related to Government policies, Human Rights Violation etc.

His main Practice areas at TPA are Corporate Litigation and IP Management. He has handful amount of experiences in the field of public relations and network management. He is one of the brilliant advocates of the bar and is very resourceful person in order to get any work done within the stipulated timeframe. The Advocate is an alumnus of DDUGU, Gorakhpur and had taken various progressive stands on the social cause. Further, he has served for more than 5 years as “legal associate” in various Law Firms.

Graduated in “Int. B.Tech (Energy Technology) & LL.B (Hons.)

Co-Founder and Initial Partner of the Firm

Co-Founder & Initial Partner of the firm is an IP enthusiast & had graduated in “Int. B.Tech (Energy Technology) & LL.B (Hons.) with specs in IPR” from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. He had already trained himself with the India’s top reputed IP Law Firm, namely the few as Anand & Anand, Khurana & Khurana IP, Raguel Law IP, & has more than 1 year of experience in IP enforcement & Infringement practice. He has also been a part of many projects in college which involved patentability of AI, Green Building, Power Factor Improvement, etc.

Reason for engagement


Zero Tolerance Policy

We deeply respect the privacy of the customer’s shared Information (i.e. the shared data) and have the top most concern in securing the said data at the best from our end. We assure you that we have zero tolerance policy in relation to breach of any data provided by our client to any third parties Platforms, Apps or Websites. Your personal data as well as the data with reference to your IP are totally safe with us.

Transparent Working System

We never want to keep our clients in any dilemma. Our working methodology is very transparent and clear. It is totally based on some good moral values. We regularly inform the updates of our clients’ status-quo to them without doing any misrepresentation with them. We stick to the principle of serving the best for our client, rather than earning profits through different methods of hooks and crooks. Our hands are clean, & we don’t believe in any foul play.


Cost affordability for all

We have set very nominal and genuine rates and are reasonably matching with the standards of our industry. Our dream is to channelize more and more flow of the IP Protection to the root level and cost affordability for everyone. We want to place our name in the heart of our clients. Our Dream is to make our local community competent enough to match the global standards and set the remarkable example for them. We want to be the voice of our local.

Our Vision

Provide effective legal assistance to the local community to grow & match the global Standards.

Our Professional Remuneration

Our professional fees are very nominal & reasonably set with the market standards. Our professional tie-up arrangements will mutually benefit the both. We hope positively from you.


What Our Clients Saying?

I appreciate your team which actually done a great job your honesty and polite nature impressed us a lot
Avishek Kumar
The best on the net! Wow what great service, I love it! Just what I was looking for.
Uddeshya Agrawal
Needless to say we are extremely satisfied with the results.
Hyathi Technologies
We partnered with Trade Protector IP Associates (TPA) through Adv. Kunal for one of our technology law consulting clients for their trademark registration. The entire process was very smooth, and the team had delivered the work on time. The concerned team readily answered all our queries and we would definitely recommend him and his team for the same.
The Cyber Blog India
I have closely worked with Adv. Kunal on multiple client engagements. I can surely say he and his team is one of the most diligent IP lawyers, that I have known in the last few years. He and his team gives necessary importance to his clients and are always available for assistance. Highly recommended!
Raj Pagariya & Associates